Five Famous Business Pivots

Business pivoting refers to an unexpected and quick shift from one business model to another especially when the existing business model has lost popularity among consumers and shareholders. Below are five famous business pivots. Twitter Twitter was originally known as […]

Nagios PlugIns

Nagios is a leading IT infrastructure monitoring system that was first launched in 1999. It is sponsored officially by Nagios Enterprises; a leading company in the area of IT monitoring space. This monitoring system allows organisations not only to identify […]

azeti – Unified Monitoring Solutions

With businesses of all sizes relying out IT and automated processes to enhance business efficiency, any down time with technology and equipment can deal a severe blow to any cash flow. A vital part of any successful business venture is […]

October Apple Event

Apple Inc. is a multinational corporation that develops, designs and sells personal computers, computer software and consumer electronics. The company was founded in 1976 and has continued to experience tremendous growth ever since. Every year, the company comes up with […]

Dedicated Server vs. Cloud Hosting

In the business of web hosting, a dedicated server is basically a rented service. The server, internet connection and software are rented by the user from a web host. It depends on only one server that is remotely operated and […]

Best International MBA Programs

The demand for Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees has continued to grow as companies seek scientific approaches to management. These programs are offered by accredited business schools in different parts of the world. Accreditation ensures quality of education and […]

Fuel Management Systems

One of the best ways of monitoring stock and fuel consumption in the construction and transport industry is by use of fuel management systems. These are systems that effectively monitor, maintain, manage, control and measure fuel use by businesses. Fuel […]

Top 10 Inspirational Quotes

Sometimes, people feel stressed out by modern life and may need some encouragement and inspiration. One great way of psyching yourself up for another day is through reading motivational and inspirational quotes. Today, there are thousand of quotes that can […]

Top 5 Content Marketing Tips

Content marketing is a great marketing strategy that is used by large corporations, small businesses and even sole proprietorships. It involves delivering ongoing, consistent and valuable information with the aim of acquiring customers. The information is presented in different formats […]

How to attract VC Investors

Venture Capital (VC) is money that investors provide to small businesses and startup firms with potential of long-term growth. The investors can be investment banks and wealthy individuals. In return, the investors become involved in the company’s decisions and also […]